Introducing ourselves

We are your partner with experience and know-how from more than 20 years Internet and more than 30 years IT.

Dr. Gerd Blechschmitt

Managing Director / CEO

Shahram Ivoghli

Managing Director / CEO

Dr. Axel Gubitz

Managing Director / CEO


esop GmbH

We are a competent and reliable partner for all questions concerning the use of modern information technology. We regularly seek dialogue with you, work closely with you in a spirit of trust and include you in all important decision-making processes. Our many years of experience in the field of information technology, our industry-specific know-how and a comprehensive, accompanying quality assurance system ensure a high level of security when investing in your IT future.

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In 1998 the product Webplatz was launched. Under this name we offer services and products around the Internet for business customers in Germany and Switzerland.
Our team includes: web-design -> communication and web-designers and programmers as well as web-content -> a photographer and a copywriter, who are taken on board depending on the requirements. With web-platz -> server and services around the internet we complete our complete service for you.

Content Management Systems

Content Management System means translated as Content Management System. No programming knowledge is required to operate it, and it is managed exclusively via a graphical user interface.

Its simple operation, the many mainly interactive additional functions and the large range of free CMS and templates are just some of the many advantages it offers. The largest providers of these systems are WordPress, Joomla and Blogger. Depending on the system, the CMS are operated either off- or online on the desktop, the last variant is much more widespread.


We mainly work with WordPress, because it offers a lot of advantages for you as well as for us:

☆ free of charge and open source
☆ easy to use
☆ design and content run independently
☆ offers a high level of security
☆ is always up to date with the latest technology
☆ offers ideal search engine optimization